1. The applicant must be a member of an active group that is a current voting member of Theatre Saskatchewan Inc.
  2. The application must be submitted on the prescribed form and be endorsed by the clubof which the applicant is a member.
  3. The scholarship must be used for any theatrical training that will provide for personal development of the individual, as well as for the development of the club submitting the application. If possible, the subject matter of the training, sponsor, dates, etc. should be stated. If the training cost and dates are not provided, contact information of the training facility must be given to verify the training cost and dates.
  4. The recipient will be expected to conduct a workshop for the sponsoring club and, if suitable arrangements can be made, for any other member club.
  5. Applications are to be sent to the address below, where they must be received by 12:00 midnight, March 15, annually. If possible, to speed the process, faxing is preferred. Theatre Saskatchewan Inc. 402 Broad Street Regina, SK S4R 1X3 Fax (306) 569 – 7888
  6. The Executive will assess the applications and select a recipient. An alternate applicant may be selected in case the first person cannot accept. The amount awarded will be determined by the amount requested UP TO A MAXIMUM of $500. More than one recipient may be awarded at the discretion of the Theatre Saskatchewan Inc. Executive.
  7. Presentation of the Mary Ellen Burgess Scholarship will be made, along with the other theatre awards, on the final night of the TheatreFest. All applicants will be invited to the final night of festival. The recipient will not be notified until the announcement from the stage. A letter will be presented, on the night of the awards, which will ask the applicant to contact the office regarding the scholarship payment.
  8. Payment will be made directly to either the applicant or the training body (organization) of the seminar, workshop, summer course, etc.
  9. Theatre Saskatchewan Inc. reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship if suitable applications are not received.
  10. Confirmation of attendance will be required.

Applicant Information

Scholarship Use

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