Theatre Saskatchewan Membership

It has never been a better time to join Theatre Saskatchewan!

We are hard at work reimagining our membership details to ensure you get the most out of your Theatre Saskatchewan membership. Below is the basic outline of what is included in your membership, and we are open to hearing your thoughts on what additional perks you'd love to be included.

Full membership for regular members (2023/24 season fee: $140)
For community theatre groups across Saskatchewan. Full membership gives you voting rights, full access to the Theatre Saskatchewan library, the ability to participate in TSI festivals, reduced fees for workshops and classes, access to grant funding, and more!  

Full membership for returning members (2023/24 season fee: $100)*
Groups who have not held a TSI membership in 10+ years

Full membership for first-time members (2023/24 season fee: $75)*
Groups who have never held a TSI membership

Associate membership (2023/24 season fee: $40)
Typically for individuals or other organizations who support theatre in Saskatchewan and wish to stay connected with us. Associate members do not get a vote and are not eligible to compete in festival, but receive access to the Theatre Saskatchewan library, reduced fees for workshops and classes, access to some grant funding, and more!

*Please note that these special prices are only available once over the lifetime of your group, you will be charged the regular fee for your renewal next season. If you have selected and paid for an incorrect membership level, you will be required to pay the outstanding balance before your membership is considered active.

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