Saskatoon Ageless Players

From: Saskatoon, SK (PC - Prairie Central)
Member Since: 2015


TheatreOne Awards

1993 - Enviro-mental by L. M. Chalmers:  Runner-Up to Winning Entry; Acting Award (Eric Batycki)

1994 - Humboldt is Lovely This time of Year by L. M. Chalmers: Technical/Backstage Award

1996 - This is a Play by Daniel MacIvor: Runner-Up to Winning Entry; Acting Award (Bob Brophy)              

TheatreFest Awards

1989 - Who’s on First? By Ray Sharkey: Runner-Up to Winning Entry; Runner-Up to Best Director (Kay Nouch)

1994 - Bell, Book and Candle by John Van Druten: Technical Merit

1996 - No Earthly Business by Lawrence O’Farrell: Excellence or Meritorious Enterprise

1997 - Beginnings by Patty Gideon Sloan: Runner-Up to Best Director (Lorna Batycki); Technical Merit

1998 - In the Cards by Caroline Russell-King: Best Actress (Lorna Batycki)

2001 - Gwydian’s Cross by L. M. Chalmers: Excellence or Meritorious Enterprise (Lorna Batycki)

2002 - Canadian Content by Mark Leiren-Young: Best Actor in a Supporting Roll (Rick Rochon)

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