Paper Bag Players

From: Yorkton, SK (PL - Parkland Valley)
Member Since: 2015


TheatreOnes Hosted: Themes and Adjudicator

1996 - The Spotlight’s On You - Margaret Luke

TheatreOne Awards

1992 - Breeches from Bond Street by Elsie Park Gowan: Technical/Backstage Award

2001 - El Clavadista by Colleen Curran: Acting Award (Wendy Stricker)

2003 - Dear Mrs. Martin by Kate Aspengren: Runner-Up to Winning Entry; Acting Award (Teresa Weber)




TheatreFests Hosted: Theme and Adjudicator

1991 - Celebrate Theatre - Judy Treloar

2006 - Tales from the Script - Robert Loucks

TheatreFest Awards

2004 - The Tomorrow Box by Anne Chislett:  Best Actress (Tamara Hall)

2005 - A Coupla White Chicks by John Ford Noonan: Runner-Up to Winning Entry; Best Actress (Tamara Hall and Marilyn Kuntz)

2006 - Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun by Norm Foster: Best Director; Best Characterization (Dion Walker)

#101 - 1102 8th Ave
Regina, SK Canada
S4R 1C9
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