This Travel Consultant Grant was designed to encourage voting member clubs to bring in facilitators to help their club with their production or a specific workshop.

  1. A voting member club may not apply for a Travel Consultant Grant more than two consecutive years in a row.
  2. Member group receiving funds must submit a summary and the Follow Up Evaluation Form.  In addition to the summary and the Follow Up Evaluation Form you must include evaluations from all the partners to Theatre Saskatchewan Inc. no later than ninety (90) days after the implementation of the project. There will be a 25% holdback of funds to be disbursed on receipt of the Follow Up Evaluation Form. If the Follow Up Evaluation Form is not completed within 90 days, the funding must be returned.
  3. The application must state what workshop and facilitator is being requested.
  4. Depending on the distance that the facilitator has to travel to the workshop, Theatre Saskatchewan Inc. will decide on the grant amount up to $300. 

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