Deadlines: Annually, February 15 and September 15.

To encourage the upgrading of production values, a portion of the budgeted allocation will be reserved for voting member groups, in good standing, who wish to purchase or upgrade removable material investments. This excludes costs associated with building or renovating a community structure not owned by the group.

  1. Any voting member club in good standing can apply for a Production Grant to assist with material investments in a company such as lighting equipment, sound equipment, special effect items, etc. The items must be proven to be beneficial for more than one production.
  2. Once a voting member club has received a Production Grant, that member club cannot receive a Production for the next three (3) fiscal years. A voting member club cannot receive a Veteran Grant, and a Production Grant or  in the same year.
  3. An application must include a production budget and quotes. Preference will be given to those applications that are submitted prior to expenditure. Receipts and a follow-up report must be submitted within 90 days of project completion.
  4. Applications may be reviewed by an independent body and brought before the Board for approval.
  5. Amount can vary up to $2,000.00.
  6. If the Follow Up report is not received, the Club will not be eligible for further funding until the follow-up has been received by the Theatre Saskatchewan Inc. office.

Grant Information

#104 - 1102 8th Ave
Regina, SK Canada
S4R 1C9
(306) 510-4028